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EVER VIGILANT, Tales of the Vietnam War,

by Michael J. Hebert


During the Vietnam War, the US military employed heavily-armed high-speed gunboats to intercept and disrupt enemy travel on the rivers and bays of South Vietnam.


In this variant from standard Vietnam War works, Michael Hebert takes the reader along for a ride in this engaging memoir of his year in Vietnam. 

The remote Vung Ro Bay, while an idyllic setting, is not without peril. It is a constant target for snipers, mortar barrages, and full-out perimeter assaults. Hebert’s boat becomes a casualty to a rocket propelled grenade. Their base is wiped out by a super typhoon and they are forced to spend two days in the South China Sea with mountainous swells that threaten to sink the small 32-foot craft.


From start to finish, ‘Ever Vigilant’ is an introduction to a young man’s journey and coming of age in a war zone. While primarily based on his first-hand experience, he deftly weaves sufficient fictional representation to incorporate the difficult life circumstances of the Vietnamese people and the Viet Cong. The motivation for why the enemy fights is a product of the life-hardships they bear. ‘Ever Vigilant’ offers a lively, compulsive read.

306 Pages


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The customary one year tour of duty in Vietnam was widely feared. Following over a year of training in Infantry, Combat Engineering, Transportation and Army boat operations, 23 year-old LT Wonsiewicz cinched his duffle bag, swallowed hard and headed west. On arrival in-country, his assignment to the 458th Transportation Co (PBR) was cause for concern. He had no experience with river patrol boats and the whispered reputation of PBR duty was less than heartening. This is the story of that young Lieutenant's year in Vietnam--written 35 years later from a much more mature perspective. The circumstances, the duty and the men involved can never be forgotten.

85 Pages, Color Photos


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by Richard E. Leibel

The 458th Transportation Corps was created on 2 June 1943 as the 458th Amphibian Truck Company. The unit operated modified 2 1/2 ton trucks that had the ability to travel on land or water. DUKW's provided valuable support during World War II, particularly at Omaha Beach on D-Day. The 458th participated in the Northern France, Rhineland, and Central Europe campaigns, earning the French Croix de Guerre.

Richard E. Leibel was an original member of the 458th, serving during the D-Day Landing and many other campaigns.

133 Pages, Black & White Photos


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SERVING WITH THE 458TH, by Ted Faurbo

The 458th was formed as an amphibian truck company (DUKW) in 1943, and participated in the Normandy Invasion, campaigns in France, Rhineland and Central Europe. The 458th went to Vietnam in 1966 with LARC-V's to assist in unloading 20.9 million tons of ship's cargo onto beaches in Vietnam. As the stockpiles of cargo grew, so did the resistance from the Viet Cong. LARC's were fitted with .50 caliber machine guns and began to provide port security rather than unloading cargo. This is the story of a LARC-V operator in Vietnam.

84 Pages, Color Photos


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by Michael J. Hebert

An in-depth look at the world's largest natural harbor - Hampton Roads. This volume covers the Hampton River, Blackbeard's Point, Fort Monroe, the Chesapeake Bay, Fort Wool, Norfolk Naval Base, Battle of the Monitor/Merrimac and much more!

63 Pages, Color Photos


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UP CLOSE & PERSONAL, by Robert C. Bogison
The Vietnam War has tormented American consciousness for more than half a hundred years, and shows no sign of flagging. Up-Close & Personal is a signal contribution to understanding that drawn-out conflict from a soldier's point of view, informed by knowledge gained from being “up-close” at the basic, ground-pounding or river-patrolling combat level. The author pulls no punches. Detail is uncompromising, hard, often excruciating. All this amid the tumult of politicized youth on the home front shouting "Make love not War" and "Tune in drop out." Drugs, sex and blind resistance to authority that exported its rot to the military in Vietnam. Morale collapsed. Army leadership went adrift along with its management of the war. 1969-1970, the era covered by this book, was the nadir. That the stalwarts who dubbed themselves "Bushwhackers" were actually Military Police assigned an infantry role -- and thus unique in U.S. military history -- makes the tale all the more compelling.
A minor masterpiece of gritty detail . . . “Bog” Bogison brings the Vietnam War ground and riverine experience to vivid life for a new generation of readers.” David Poyer, author of Deep War and Overthrow.
“A readable account, full of remarkably granular detail about one soldier's experience in a frustrating war.” -- Arnold R. Isaacs, author, Vietnam Shadows: The War, Its Ghosts, and Its Legacy.
"Not written by a journalist or historian but by someone who was on the ground, "Up-front & Personal." It starts out interesting and, page by page, becomes compelling." Captain Kathleen Kelley, NC-USN (Retired).
486 pages, Black & White Photos
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Waterborne Warriors examines the unique watercraft operated by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. This book combines years of painstaking research with many never-before-published photographs provided by veterans, the National Archives, and the United States Army Military History Institute. The book begins with a historical overview of riverine operations providing insight into the unique mobility challenges that faced the U.S. Army in Southeast Asia. Each type of army riverine craft is detailed in its own chapter including landing craft, hovercraft, patrol boats, airboats, and small utility boats. The hovercraft chapter provides an in-depth look at only remaining SK-5 Air-cushion Vehicle on display at Fort Eustis, VA. This book will appeal to any military history enthusiast, scale modeler, or veteran.

100 pages, Color + Black & White Photos
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