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Notice: This information is provided as a public service and is not endorsed by the companies listed or anybody else.

Use these sites at your own risk. If you are not happy with them, don't call me!

Amazon KDP  This is the easiest site for self-publishers. Set-up is pretty straightforward and not all that difficult to figure out. Probably the best site to use for print-on-demand.
IngramSpark  This site is not very user-friendly but it seems to be quite a bit cheaper than KDP, and the quality of the product is better. They also offer hardback book printing, which KDP does not.
48-Hour Books:  48-Hour Books has a very impressive operation at a very reasonable cost. They do not do print-on-demand, but if you just want 25 or more copies of your work, these are the guys to go to.
RIVER PATROL BOAT SITES:  This is the River Patrol Boat site for US Army 458th Transportation Corps and Military Police units stationed in Vung Ro Bay, Vietnam.  The main site for the 458th Transportation Company (PBR).  US Navy PBR Forces Vietnam Veterans Association (TF-116)  US Navy PBR Forces Vietnam Gamewardens Association. National web site.  Gamewardens Association, Northwest Chapter  Site of the 127th MP. Company. Some members served on US Army PBR's.


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